Content Not Downloading On Kindle

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genaralanya tarafından 17 Şub 2017 gönderildi, toplam 9 ileti

Hello Everyone, Want Kindle Com Support !!!!!!!
I am having Amazon Kindle and suffering from problem i.e. content not downloading on my kindle device. Is there anyone who provide me proper kindle support. I recently visit on www kindle com support but did not find any solution. Please Help Me

jessicasheppard tarafından 10 Mar 2017 gönderildi, toplam 5 ileti

We would like Recommend you should visit Kindle com support in case you find any technical mess in your Kindle device. No need to roam here and there, for precise solution and satisfactory service you can call them Toll FREE.

arianamartinus tarafından 24 Mar 2017 gönderildi, toplam 5 ileti

You want kindle help use below simple steps:
Shut down and restart your device (you’d be surprised how often this fixes most problems).

2. Disconnect and reconnect your wireless connection and then confirm that wireless is working.

3. If the book or app gets stuck downloading partway, select to delete it from your Kindle app or device and then try re-downloading it from the cloud section.

4. Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page at Amazon to find the ebook or app that won’t download and select the “Actions” field to choose to “Deliver” the title to a specific device. Or you can choose to download and transfer it to your device from a computer with a USB cable.

5. If you don’t see the book or app on the Your Content and Devices list, you can check to make sure the order was completed in the Digital Orders section of Your Orders at Amazon.

6. If none of the above resolves your issue, contact Amazon support for assistance.

Any more information visit on kindle tech support.

jacquelinecruz tarafından 25 May 2017 gönderildi, toplam 1 ileti

Hello Ashley
If you’ve tried to download a title to your Kindle but you don’t see it listed on your Home screen, try these troubleshooting steps. Help for Kindle Paperwhite
1. Sync to receive your content. From Home, tap the Menu icon, and then tap Sync and Check for Items.
2. Restart Your Kindle. Press and hold the Power button for 7 seconds until the Power dialog box appears, and then tap Restart.
Note: If the Power dialog box doesn’t appear, press and hold the Power button for a full 40 seconds.
3. Check the status of your wireless connection. You can view the wireless indicators from the Home or any Settings screen. If you’re reading, tap the top of the screen to view the indicators. To learn more, go to Check the Status of Your Wireless Connection.
4. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices. From Your Content, select Pending Deliveries from the drop-down menu. Your title(s) should download to your device when it is connected to a wireless network.
5. Check if your payment method is valid. Check your default payment settings. To learn more, go to Manage Your Fire & Kindle Payment Settings.
6. Check if you are filtering content on your Home screen. From Home, tap the On Device tab. If the Home screen is not displaying all items, the name of the filter menu in the upper right will appear as one of the following: Books, Docs, Collections. Tap the option displayed, and then tap All Items.
If more kindle support help so visit on kindle tech support.